Studio camera mount Teleprompter with 19" scalable LCD ultrabright monitor and 19" trapezoid glass for tripod or dolly.

Field Teleprompter with19" lightweight scalable LCD ultrabright monitor on custom made rolling stand mount.  Perfect for static shots with talent standing or seated on a stool or director-type chair. Eliminates the need for a heavier duty tripod. Typical set-up for EPK shoots. 

Also available as a camera mount for tripod dolly or jib.

11" LCD above-the-lens direct view monitor with articulating arm mount.  A very lightweight teleprompting solution for steadicam and jib. Also available as a 15" direct view monitor with below-the-lens mount.

Speech Prompter or "Presidential" Style podium set-up with 17" LCD ultrabright floor monitors, telescoping poles and see-through mirrored glass panels.

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